Almost everyone today leads an active life, and the credit for this largely goes to the musculoskeletal system of the body, which comprises bones, ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves. This is also responsible for the shape of one’s body.

Problems that affect this system do not just cause difficulty at a physiological level, but mentally as well. Not only does one need to deal with the pain and discomfort, but also with the frustration of having one’s normal routine disrupted.

The care of such a complex and critical system requires a deep level of expertise. At SHRC, we have extensive understanding and knowledge of orthopedic conditions and their treatment.

Our knowledge extends across all types of orthopedic conditions such as :

Fractures or ligament tears caused by injury or accident

Degenerative diseases like Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid Arthritis and Cartilage Degeneration

Congenital or birth defects like club foot (foot turned inward and downward), hip dysplasia (deformation or misalignment of the hip joint) and muscular    dystrophy (progressive weakening and degeneration of the muscles).

Orthopedic procedures performed at SHRC include :

Arthroscopic surgery
   Minimally invasive procedure for knee joint, shoulder joint, elbow and ankle

Joint surgery
   Total knee and hip replacement, realigning or reconstructing of knee or hip joints (revision arthroplasty) and hemi- arthroplasty of the hip

Spine surgery
   Spine decompression & stabilization, removal of herniated disc material pressing on the spinal cord (discectomy), removal of a portion of the vertebral bone    called lamina (laminectomy) and micro-incision spine surgery

Trauma care
   Treatment of fractures by open reduction or closed reduction procedures

Repair of congenital defects/Pediatric Orthopedics
   This includes conditions such as club foot, hip dysplasia and muscular dystrophy


7 out of 10 patients who have undergone single knee replacement surgery are discharged in 5 days or less

6 out of 10 patients who undergo spine decompression are discharged in 3 days or less